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If you would like to invest in your own Home at Malee Seaview or Sai Naam Lanta we have different units to show you that are For Sale. From a one bedroom apartment to five bedroom Villas. Beachfront Villas or Pool Villas.

To buy a House or an Apartment in Thailand

Buying a villa or an apartment in Thailand is a major decision for any person and there are of course a lot of questions about how things really work. With our experience of having built this great project we can help you to find the best solution for you. If you choose to invest in an object at Malee Seaview the value is in the object and also in the area an their safe well elaborated structure. This will give you a longterm increase of value and during the time your investment can give you a good and safe direct yield through our well established rental concepts.
Buy House/Apartment

Malee Seaview and Sai Naam Lanta Residence

If you want to buy a house or an apartment on Koh Lanta in Thailand with the best possible position Malee Seaview and Sai Naam Lanta Residence is the perfect choice! Prices range from 100 000 -1 000 000 $ depending on the villa or apartment you are interested in purchasing.

There are houses and apartments in various sizes suitable for small and large families. Malee Seaview and Sai Naam Lanta is a very child-friendly area where speed bumps are installed and the area has security 24 hours. Each unit has a garden service and pool service and almost all also have Ready House Service, which is an optional cleaning and supervision of the unit.

Malee Highlands – New High End Area at Koh lanta

Apartments at Malee Highlands

Beeing the largest developer and having the most experienced team Poseidon Villas -Sales and Management at Koh Lanta now creates an area where the sole focus is on the investor’s returns, both in terms of enjoyment and cutback capital.

We will put all our collective knowledge and awareness of the ownership, construction, operation and occupancy in this new modern area. A fresh new concept based on experience and in a well-balanced combination with a proven and functioning concept.

To own something on Koh Lanta today can be costly do to the high fees of ownership and consumption of electricity and water. Or difficult and uneasy with things that happen or does not happen and the maintenance that must be managed and controlled when you are not around.

To be an owner should be fun, easy, safe and you should be allowed to focus on and enjoying your holidays and the investment in yourself, friends and family. This is our consistent guiding principle of our next Malee area on Koh Lanta.






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